WWC 2018 | The Redemption House
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WWC is a ladies’ day away that doesn’t require packing of suitcases or buying plane tickets. It is a Godly forum where we can shun any expectation of ‘perfect’, set aside all fears, our shyness, worries about not so good enough, and find rest in the word of God woven into every segment. It is our time for open, and Godly interactions. Yes, you get to Contribute, Share, and Participate.


You cannot afford to miss out on this, and we do not want to miss you either.


We look forward to seeing you. Let ONE invite MANY.


Saturday July 21st, 10am prompt @ Holiday Inn Express – 100 Pony Drive, Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B6, for the conference that’s coming to YOU!


Here comes the season of ‘DO’ ladies; so we are moving from the ‘talk’ to the ‘Do’; going bigger, and doing more.


Let’s get started, reach out and grasp a life beyond honourable, beyond respectable, and beyond incredible. TAKING action today to live a extraordinary tomorrow.


Join in for inspirational, regenerating time that will ignite your passion to increase, augment, and advance beyond amazing.


Breakthroughs in life and godly practices, plus the dawn of a limitless break forth to a Greater You is the take home from this conference.


NO LIMITS, unrestricted, infinite in glory and grace, unstoppable!


Woman you are unlimited!


The hardest decisions to make in life are usually not between what is good and bad; but usually the most difficult decisions are between what is good, better and best.


The theme “No Limits” is sounding a distinct call to all women to live in the strength, prudence and power bestowed unto them for the needed growth in life. It is time to make things that seem not good so good, make the good better and the better best. Time to step up, break forth and experience true happiness. Tools and strategies to help take on the future with confidence, a reach for greater heights in life, plus the dawn of a limitless YOU is the take home from this conference.




Debola Atoyebi

Debola Atoyebi is an accomplished Educator of over 27years, a minister of the gospel, Author, Humanitarian, Wife and Mother.


She is the CEO of Heritage House Schools and the Director of studies of Heritage House Montessori (Teacher Training) Centre, the the first and only Teacher Education Programme accredited by MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education USA) in West Africa.


An Oxford Alumnus of the ‘Transforming women in leadership’ programme and an international conference speaker, Debola Atoyebi is passionate about women and youth ministry; a passion which has culminated in the establishment of Chosen Vessels Empowerment Foundation, a non-profit organisation aimed at intentionally and formally mentoring  younger women in obedience to the Titus 2:4 mandate, has helped many women find their purpose, harness their skills, and birth their dreams. Debola’s flair lies in empowering emerging women leaders and youth for life and ministry through appropriate training programmes, and Creating awareness and educating the public on health issues (particularly as it relates to women and the girl child).


Debola is a certified Marriage Mentor and Professional Leadership Coach. A mother of three adult children, she also believes in preparing the next generation for life and leadership in their sphere of influence.


She is married to Femi Atoyebi, an ordained Minister of the Gospel and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN)


Toyin Adekusibe

Toyin Adekusibe sees no other calling beyond being called by the name of God, and being true to this calling. She consciously seeks to maintain her position as a child of God above and beyond any earthly values and treasures. Toyin is an innovator, planner, gifted blogger and communicator who seeks to bring families; especially women together, to do more for themselves and the Kingdom of God than they ordinarily would.


Toyin is endowed with the vision to empower women through the Wholesome Woman Conference (WWC) on annual basis. She believes that a culture of compassion, knowledge and understanding makes a difference in what we do and how we live.


Toyin Adekusibe is a distinct School Principal by profession. She thoroughly, prayerfully, and passionately crafts her own style and techniques for reaching out to youths as their learning process continues on daily basis.  She passionately speaks at Youth and Women conferences, preparing and inspiring the next generation to dream about the future God has for them.


Toyin is married to Fola Adekusibe a profound lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area, and the Pastor of The Redemption House at Aurora, Ontario Canada.


They are blessed with two God fearing young adults